The DAR-21 is a bullpup assault rifle featured in CrossFire.


Holding the standard 30-rounds per magazine, the DAR-21 retains power over range, giving it excellent ability in picking off targets from afar. In comparison to other weapons of its caliber, the DAR-21 also sports a more easily handled recoil. A lesser quality of the bullpup, however, is its lengthy reload speed. Although not stated in game, DAR-21 has a functional zoom scope which also activate 3-shot mode (burst) like the G11.

Overall, DAR-21 is a stable and versatile rifle, with perks and downsides to evenly balance it out. Also produces a loud firing noise.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West
  • CF Español
  • CF Indonesia


  • The zoom function and burst shot is most likely a glitch because DAR-21 has no visible scope, and there is no "Switched to Burst Shot/Automatic Mode" notice when pressing RMB.
  • DAR-21 most closely resembles the S&T Daewoo XK8, which is also referred to as the Daewoo DAR-21. 
  • Much like the XM8's attempt to replace the M16, the DAR-21 was introduced to replace the K2 rilfe for the Korean military. However, once tested, the DAR-21 was proven to be less versatile than the K2, and rejected from mass production and use in the armed forces. Currently, the DAR-21 is only available for limited export. 
  • DAR-21 has inconsistency ammo cap in CF Vietnam.



CrossFire - DAR-21 - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - DAR-21 - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam DAR-21 ☆

CrossFire Vietnam DAR-21 ☆

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