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Crossroad is a weapon pick up Elimination map sets within a sewage treatment plant named Aigis. It is available in every versions:

  • Crossroad (Most Versions).
  • Intersection (Russia, Vietnam).


Progress at the secret base for the nuclear submarine Aigis has been reported to the command centers of both mercenary corporations. Per urgent request for support troops, both companies dispatch soldiers to the secret base. Rivals never fail to meet each other whether by coincidence or not.

The troops of both companies who rushed to the base to support their team face each other at the sewer treatment facility of the sub base. Support troops of each mercenary company fight to reduce the numbers of the enemy before they enter the base. Which one of the two will make it into the secret base for Aigis?


This map is shaped like a square, divided by 4 sub sections (A to D) and a center area. There's 4 tall silos, thus creating the intersection and there's highways on the sides. The center is filled with sewage water, which can be used to track nearby enemies unless they shift walk.

Both teams spawn near 10 weapons each. On one side (A & B) there's two P228, on the other (C & D) there's two Desert Eagle. Here's all the weapons available to pick up in this map:



  • It is said that this map is based of the map fy_iceworld from the Counter Strike series.
  • CF Vietnam initially named this map Death Intersection, but it's later renamed to just Intersection. The reason is VTC had to get rid of violence factors in CF and thus map name has been reworked on to make them less violence
  • In CF Indonesia, using AWM in the middle of base (aiming at enemy's base) often be resulted in kick.
  • A special variant of this map is available in CF Vietnam from Nov 17th to Nov 24th (2015). It replaces default weapons with selected Black Market one (AK-47 Knife Peony, M4A1-XS Ancient Dragon, SCAR-L UGS, Sterling Magma, Kriss Super-V Ultimate Silver, Barrett Flying Dragon, CheyTac M200 UG, KAC-Chainsaw Ancient Dragon, Striker OP, DE Snake and Anaconda GBD).
  • This map in Vietnam is one of the most popular map for 1v1 Headshot Match, but you can't use sniper guns without room host's permission. If hou use, you will be kicked.


CrossFire VN - Crossroad Special

CrossFire VN - Crossroad Special

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