Cooling Chamber is a Shadow Mode map set within a large chamber of a cooling center.


  • Cooling Chamber (China, Japan, West & Spain).
  • Cryogenesis (Brazil)


This map feature a very large room with two floors, which the second floor is made of thin glass panels; and metal bars in case all of the panels are destroyed. The main floor is divided into four rows, which includes different security devices all from the launch map, Lost Castle, along with environmental aspects that will help hunt down the shadows.

Both parties spawns in machine rooms close to each other, similar to Terminal's layout, except the spawn's area are much larger. These two rooms are directly connected to the main chamber and offer both teams either direct combat approach or heading towards the back of the room where the stairs leading to the second floor are located.


There are four rows in the main room, which each of them is protected by various security devices or environment that will show or indicate a general idea of the locations of the Shadows whenever they interact with the devices:

  • Row 1 (Far-Left): Security lasers across the first floor will detect Shadows whenever the signals are blocked by them. The security lasers here are at feet-level, hence require the ghost to jump over them to remain undetected.
  • Row 2 (Mid-Left): A simple flooded row, which by default is usually avoided due to constant footstep sounds in the water, as well as ripples following the shadow's tracks. The security lasers here do require the ghost to crouch under to remain undetected.
  • Row 3 (Mid-Right): An empty row with sprinkler heads along the way, which once shot will outline Shadows under the water. This row also has security lasers, which do not require the shadows to crouch under if running down the centre of the lane.
  • Row 4 (Far-Right): A motion sensor going back and forth, which turns green whenever it detects enemy movements. This row, similarly to the other rows, also has security lasers which require the shadow to crouch under to remain undetected.

Additionally, there are a lot of broken glass shards in front of both stairs which will make a different sound whenever someone steps on those, although breaking the glass panels won't make any additional shards on the floor below.


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