A pistol developed by Colt and also known as "Peace Maker". This single action revolver has rapid reload with reliable damage and accuracy.
- Weapon description

Colt SAA is a Wild West era revolver featured in CrossFire.


The Colt SAA is a single action revolver featuring a short barrel and an engraved frame and wooden handle. It has a 6 round cylinder with 30 rounds in reserve. The character rapidly thumb cocks the hammer while firing.

The SAA has the fastest draw speed of any weapon in CF, making it a very good backup gun in emergencies. It has good stopping power and slightly fast firing speed. It also has relatively high recoil like the Ruger Bisley.

It uses a loading gate system just like the Ruger Bisley, so each cartridge must be inserted one-by-one during reloading. This results in a very long reload time when the gun is emptied. Fortunately reload cancels can be performed for emergencies.


  • Very fast drawing speed.
  • High damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Fast reloading speed for a single bullet.
  • Can perform reload cancel.
  • Better stopping power.


  • Loses accuracy over range.
  • Relatively high recoil.
  • Requires some time to do full reload.
  • Easily runs dry.
  • Low ammo capacity.
  • Loses damage over range.


  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil



  • Colt SAA is often called "The Gun That Won The West" along with the Winchester.
  • It is the main weapon of Revolver Ocelot of the Metal Gear Solid games.
  • The Colt SAA's super fast draw speed is possibly a tribute to old Western movies, where the Colt was often used for quickdraw contests and duels.
  • The two-handed grip on the SAA as seen in CF is a modern day technique. People back in the Wild West era used the fanning technique on the Colt just like the M1858 New Army uses: The shooting hand holds down the trigger while the the gun's hammer is pulled back using the palm of the other hand.
  • The Colt SAA has the same recoil as the Ruger Bisley in-game, which is inaccurate. In reality, the SAA's .45 Colt cartridges have very little recoil in comparison to the Bisley's .44 Magnum, although this could be for balance reasons.
  • In some versions, this gun has the same dangerous glitch as BFR, the bullets needed to fill the cylinder disappears instead of being loaded.
  • This is the first pistol introduced in CF PH's Mini Lotto.


  • There was a glitch causes Colt SAA to share the same Bag Icon with the M1858 New Army. It has been fixed.
  • This weapon has inconsistency ammo capacity.
  • Colt SAA has two glitches, the first one is when player trying to do the reloading glitch without equip VVIP weapons that have ammo refill perk - making bullets needed to fill the cylinder disappears instead of being loaded, while the second one will trigger the reloading glitch (equip VVIP weapons like above) - making this gun fully reloaded. These glitches are already fixed.
  • Colt SAA has two variants, permanent and temporary. The temporary is available as junkie prizes in Mini Capsule but it won't stack and has a serious glitch that it will disappear from the Inventory for unknown reason.


  • This weapon was released along with Ruger Bisley-Ultimate Red Silversmith in the Black Market.
  • This gun also has the same reloading glitch in CF Vietnam. This glitch is already fixed.



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