Colt 1911-Balance is a limited edition pistol variant of the Colt 1911, which was available during CFS tournament seasonal patch.


It features CrossFire logo and re-balanced stats, allowing players to train properly before competing in tournament.

Unlike the WEM, WCG and CFS variant however, Colt 1911-Balance receives a damage buff, allowing it to 3 hits kill opponents more consistently, and headshot kill is possible at up to medium range.


  • Very quick drawing time.
  • Quick firing.
  • Higher damage compared to original counterpart.


  • Relatively high recoil for hit 'n' run.
  • Low magazine capacity.



  • CF Vietnam weapon description shows the ammo capacity of Colt 1911-Balance is 7/35, but when this weapon is brought in-game, the actual ammo capacity is only 7/28, one magazine lacked comparing with most other Colt 1911 variants.


CrossFire VN - Colt M1911 Balance

CrossFire VN - Colt M1911 Balance

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