Colombia is a classic, yet underated, Elimination map, but was also converted into an Escape Mode map much later. It is available in most versions:
  • Colombia (Most versions).
  • Fountain (Vietnam).
  • Code: C (China).


Colombia has been a long-standing source of crime and drug trade. Black List and Global Risk operatives have been engaged in conflict over the area for some time. Combat has gotten so intense that rumours of a full-blown war have now spread to the frightened citizens of Colombia. GR is now preparing an evacuation plan in the event of total war.



An almost symmetrical map, beside a couple of crates placement, different building architecture & few layout difference in the underpass. Even with these few differences, it's still fairly balanced and do not give any avantage what so ever to any side.

Upper level is sniper's Heaven, leaving your spawn will most likely gets you killed if there's snipers camping in the opposite tower. Most players will often try to rush and push within the lower level (underpass), although they're few people camping there as well.


This version has few layout changes to accommodate Escape Mode. The upper level remain mostly intact, beside one underpass entry being moved elsewhere, plus adding a new one near the portal. The lower level changed dramatically, now having three ways instead of two to enter/exit the underpass.

This map use a clever way to force players to destroy the main obstacle, a giant stone with weird symbols, as it's blocking the portal completely. It is right in front of Global Risk's tower for a quick way for them to go defend it. Black List will often use the underpass exits to sneak by and attemp an escape.


  • This map was first introduced on October 2007 in CrossFire Korea.
  • Since CrossFire China's Christmas update in 2010, the map has preset pick-up weapons.


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