Christmas (or Xmas) is a special map only available, as the name suggests, during Christmas time. It comes in 3 modes, Team Deathmatch Mode, Elimination Mode and Big Head Mode.



The map is designed and decorated to give the players the feel like Christmas is coming. Most of the textures here are made of wood, the rest are plastic. All the walls and doors are painted colorfully. There are 2 large carvings of Santa Claus's head on each end of the map, 2 rooftops and 2 houses on each side of the map, with 2 wooden "bridges" and also their tops connecting the 2 sides. In the middle of the map is a playground with 2 huge Christmas toy trains, with each carriage looking like a Christmas gift box.

Inside the houses

A simple wooden house on each side with 2 floors. Inside each are a lot of Christmas gift boxes put neatly in the back and on 2 sides of the main entrance. There are 2 stairs leading to the rooftop of each house, a stair down the main entrance, and an extra stair down leading to the "back door" overlooking the end of each toy train.


Like all other Team Deathmatch and Elimination Mode Maps, the gameplay is as follows:

  • Team Deathmatch: Players respawn either inside the house or on the rooftop and go out to defeat the opposing team.
  • Elimination: All team members enter the round on the rooftop, with only their melee weapons. After freeze time, they pick up different weapons on the roof and inside the house to defeat the opposing team. There's an AWM with 4 grenades on the roof and other guns in the house.


  • This map is very well-balanced, so neither team will be able to get the advantage.
  • On CF West, the guns on the Elimination version of the map has been replaced with Christmas weapons in the December 2018 Patch.


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