Chicago is a weapon pick-up, mafia themed, Elimination Mode map as it contains Mauser M1896, M37 Stakeout and one Thompson.


  • CF China: Bloody Street
  • CF West: Chicago
  • CF Russia: Chicago
  • CF Brazil: Chicago


The map takes place on the usual and common place for secret Mafia Wars, fighting for drugs, weapons, territory and of course, for pride: Chicago in Illinois. Because of it's mafia theme, weapons that are usually used in Mafia Wars are displayed and can be used (see description above).

BL and GR starts in front of a large building with 8 Mauser M1896 in front to pick up. The building's entrance is blocked by a wooden door, which should be destroyed ASAP to gain access inside - there is a lone Thompson at the middle of the building, which gives advantage to whichever team gets it. There are two narrow alleyway on each side with a few barricades both team can take cover from - at the middle of each alleyway is a M37 Stakeout that will also gives advantage to whichever team gets it.


  • This map features an unique "opening theme" played in Piano at the start of each round.
  • Technically the COLT1911 would suit better as starting weapon for this map given its Mafia theme. Likely the Mauser M1896 was chosen to make it easier for newbie and average players.



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