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Character Upgrade System is an upgrading system for characters in CrossFire.


Like the name suggested, this system can upgrade some certain in-game characters (various between versions) that players can upgrade characters by customizing favored skills based on players' needs. Characters can be upgraded up to two, three, or four skills with various options provided.

Besides the common skills which can be found in characters obtainable from AI Ticket, this system now features permanent items and more skills specialized in certain modes. These skills are categorized as Normal Skills (colored blue) and Special Skills (colored gold). Both can be randomly swapped by using Character Option Change Card (obtainable from Item Shop, Mileage Shop or from Reward Crates in Zombie Mode) or can be extracted by using Character Option Extraction Card thus said skills will be saved in the extraction tab storage for later use.

Players can use one Character Option Change Card to see other new skills, and decide whether to keep the old one or use the new one (similar to Accessory System). Players can use 10 cards at once to see the list of 11 skills (10 from the cards, and 1 from additional bonus skills) provided and decide which skill to choose.


Available in all CrossFire versions


These are the skills that players can pick based on players' playstyle. Notice that old characters which are firstly released (depending on servers) don't feature new skills, such as Reload-Skipped Skill or Reduced Cooling Time in Mutation Mode; furthermore, some skills are exclusively available for specific characters.

Card Icon Description
ItemIcon 5834.png Icon 18s.png Auto-reload rifles. Activated when switching to another weapon in the bag.
ItemIcon 6212.png Icon 17s.png Auto-reload sniper rifles. Activated when switching to another weapon in the bag.
ItemIcon 5489.png Icon 16s.png Auto-reload secondary weapons. Activated when switching to another weapon in the bag.
ItemIcon 5477.png Icon 4s.png Immunity to self/teammates' grenades.
ItemIcon 5476.png Icon 3s.png Reduced fall damage.
ItemIcon 5475.png Icon 2s.png Reduced blinding time from Flashbang.
ItemIcon 9057.png Icon 46s.png -
ItemIcon 5474.png Icon 1s.png Reduced smoke effect from Smoke Grenade.
ItemIcon 5478.png Icon 5s.png Gauge fill upon killing zombies is increased in Challenge Mode.
ItemIcon 5479.png Icon 6s.png Bulletproof Helmet.
ItemIcon 5480.png Icon 7s.png Bulletproof Vest.
ItemIcon 5481.png Icon 8s.png Additional Mutation Vest.
ItemIcon 5482.png Icon 9s.png Emotion (Press N)
ItemIcon 5483.png Icon 10s.png Increased health point in Mass Mutation Mode.
ItemIcon 5485.png Icon 11s.png Increased movement speed in Mutation Mode.
ItemIcon 5484.png Icon 12s.png Increased movement speed in Mass Mutation Mode.
ItemIcon 5486.png Icon 13s.png Additional ammo magazine in Mutation Mode through Supply Box.
ItemIcon 5487.png Icon 14s.png Additional 500 AC point in Mutation Mode.
ItemIcon 5488.png Icon 15s.png Create penetrating damage through mutants' armors right after reloading.
ItemIcon 7656.png Icon 29s.png Press F to automatically reload weapons as the reloading animation is skipped for 10s. Available in Mutation Mode and Mass Mutation Mode.
ItemIcon 7655.png Icon 30s.png Reduced mutant's skill cooling time (in Mutation Mode and Mass Mutation Mode).
ItemIcon 9054.png Icon 43s.png -
ItemIcon 9055.png Icon 44s.png -
ItemIcon 9056.png Icon 45s.png -
- Icon 20s.png Emotion (press N).


  • The Emotion skill is the default for some characters like ULP-Renewal, and it can't be swapped to other skills, however.
  • In CF China, the Icon 29s.png and Icon 30s.png skill were initially for all upgradeable characters, even older ones like FOX-Seaside. Later then, Tencent stated that the two skills are limited to newer upgradeable characters (starting from STAR-Renewal, Girl Crush-Noble Gold and Sabel-X), and the incident which older characters can also see the two skills and successfully apply is a visual bug. They also stated any players that has applied the two skills in older characters will be compensated instead.