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Forces Gender Country Acronyms / Description Pictures
Ghosts Male
N/A Stealth equipments for Black List operatives in Ghost Mode Ghost.png
Ghost 2.0 Male
N/A A variant of Ghost using a more dangerous stealth technique to hide from enemies ItemIcon 4740.png
Shadows Male
N/A Special unit that uses an enhanced stealth system based on constant speed Shadow Char.png
Robbers Male N/A Prisoners disguised as clowns to steal Money Briefcases in stealthy ways Thief.png
Cops Male N/A Special unit trained from SWAT to prevent Robbers from stealing Money Briefcases Police.png
Hero Male N/A A mercenary trained to counter mutant invasion using FAL Camo and grenades Hero icon 2.png
Commando Male N/A A powerful mercenary equipped with Dual Kukri, ready to kill an army of mutants Commando2.png
Ranger Female N/A A female mercenary with similar training as the Commando, but uses Dual Axes Ranger2.png
Knight Male N/A A masked mercenary equipped with a powerful Ghost Blade KNIGHT ICONSMALL.png
Devil Hunter Female N/A A female mercenary with similar training as her predecessors, but uses Dual Swords DevilHunter.png
Devil Hunter Cook Female N/A Same as above, but she wears a chef outfit and hat in the map: Nano Kitchen DevilHunter Cook.png
Master Hero Male N/A The supreme version of Commando with his Master Hero Saber MASTER HERO.png
Master Hunter Female N/A The supreme version of Devil Hunter with her Invisible Assassin Sword-Master Hunter MASTER HUNTER.png
Master Ascetic Hero Male N/A A trained man with self-discipline and use his fists to defeat mutants MASTER ASCETIC HERO ICON.png
Mystic Hero Female N/A A mysterios woman with her weapon who can reverse mutants back to human MYSTIC HUNTER ICON.png
Dread Male N/A Weird creatures with fast speed and long claws. Default mutant (most versions) ItemIcon 394.png
Slug Male N/A Large mutants with extended stamina compared to Dreads. Default in CF West Slug
Maiden Female N/A A female mutant in nurse outfits. She can turns invisible and jump slightly higher ItemIcon 604.png
Maiden 2.0 Female N/A Same as above, but upgraded. Itemicon 3284.png
Smoke Male N/A A nanotech mutant, based of a military general, that can spew out smoke screens Itemicon 544.png
Assassin Male N/A A ninja mutant that use special concussion grenades that disrupt soldiers positions Itemicon 648.png
Enchantress Female N/A A mutant that can jump really high Jiang Shi.png
Spider Female N/A A mutant from spider genes with the ability to climb on the walls. Default in Downtime
Fake Male N/A A mutant that can use the skill to disguise as human and blend in the soldiers FAKE MUTANT ICON.png
Xeno Male N/A A Xenomorph predator with special lightning abilities to fight off Commandos Xeno.png
Havoc Male N/A A berserk alien with long claws enough to tear down its opposition Havoc icon 2.png
Armored Mutant Male N/A A powerful mutants that strikes fear into soldiers Armored.png
Devil Terminator Male N/A Upgraded version of Xeno with parasite bombs and deadly claws on his arms Devil2.png
Arch Devil Terminator Male N/A The sub-variant of Devil Terminator which doesn't have any skill beside higher HP Arch Devil 2.png
Evil Terminator Male N/A The Flame version of Xeno with his ability to throw Fireball EVIL TERMINATOR.png
Demon Terminator Male N/A The Flame version of Arch Devil Terminator with his ability to use Fire Shield DEMON TERMINATOR.png
Void Terminator Male N/A The Terminator from a dimensional fissure with ability to teleport to another place VOID TERMINATOR.png
Queen Terminator Female N/A The female Terminator who can uses her invisibility technique for nearly mutants and actively heal mutants QUEEN TERMINATOR.png