Forces Gender Country Acronyms / Description Pictures
SPOP Female England Special Pursuit Operation Personel ItemIcon 003
STAR Female South Korea

Special Task And Rescue

Itemicon 500
LA SWAT Female United States Los Angeles Special Weapons And Tactics Itemicon 836
FOX Female Russia Frontial Operation X ItemIcon 565
JTF Female N/A Joint Task Force ItemIcon 957
SPOP-X Female England Special Pursuit Operation Personel-X ItemIcon 1045
JNS Female China Janus ItemIcon 1421
Suzy Female South Korea Miss A Band Member ItemIcon 1503
Jia Female South Korea Miss A Band Member ItemIcon 1509
Min Female South Korea Miss A Band Member ItemIcon 1512
Fei Female South Korea Miss A Band Member ItemIcon 1506
Arch Female N/A N/A ItemIcon 1587
Sabel Female N/A N/A ItemIcon 1621
The Fates Female N/A N/A Itemicon 1760
STAR-Camo Female Malaysia Special Task And Rescue-Camo Itemicon 1904
Hidden Dragon Female Hong Kong N/A Itemicon 1888
Ghost X Female United States N/A ItemIcon 994
DX Female N/A Degeneracy X ItemIcon 1354
Flying Fox Female China Eastern Secret Special Forces ItemIcon 2391
SRAF Female Russia Sniper Russian Armed Force ItemIcon 4652
Switcher Female N/A N/A ItemIcon Switcher
Ngọc Trinh Female Vietnam Model ItemIcon 2285
The Fates Special-Camo Female N/A N/A Itemicon 2471
FOX Undercover Female Russia Frontial Operation X-Undercover Itemicon 2525
JNS Summer Female China Janus-Summer Itemicon 2568
Devil Hunter Merc Female N/A N/A ItemIcon 2619
SWAT-Moscow Female Russia Special Weapons And Tactics-Moscow Itemicon 2874
Subject Alpha Female N/A N/A ItemIcon SubjectAlpha
Mocha Female Philippines Mocha Girls Itemicon Mocha
Arch Grand Female N/A N/A ItemIcon 2251
Switcher Sp.-Noble Gold Female N/A N/A Itemicon 3173
GEM Female China Get Everything Moving Itemicon 3722
JNS-Variscite Female China Janus-Variscite ItemIcon 3797
Nymphs Female N/A N/A Nymphs Icon 2
FOX-Noble Gold Female N/A Frontial Operation X-Noble Gold Itemicon 4320
Ultimatum Female N/A N/A ItemIcon 4463
SPOP-Intel Female England Special Pursuit Operation Personel-Intel ItemIcon 1045
DX-Noble Gold Female N/A Degeneracy X-Noble Gold DX Noble Gold Item
DX-Puma Female N/A Degeneracy X-Puma DX Puma Item
Ultimatum-Noble Gold Female N/A N/A ItemIcon 4949
Girl Crush Female N/A N/A CRUSHERZ
Devil Hunter Merc-N. Gold Female N/A N/A DEVIL HUNTER NG