Chaos Hook is a melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


As its name suggests, the Chaos Hook is a melee weapon that takes the form of the claws from Chaos. It behaves like the Nano Hook used by Mutants in Mutation Mode & variants, but much slower (actually same speed with that of used by Maiden/Smoke Nano/Enchantress). Its primary attack or LMB can score a 1-hit kill in the head (without armor) or a 2-hit kill anywhere on the body.  However, because of its slow attacking rate and hard to obtain, it is not common in Melee battles.


Available in all CrossFire versions


  • This weapon is rarely seen nowadays due to the fact that it's hard to use, and beating Chaos five times just to gain a chance to get Chaos Hook for 7 days is really troublesome. Veteran players mostly just play newer Zombie Mode maps to get another much easy-to-use melee (such as Keris, IAS) instead.
  • In CF China, this weapon only can be found in CF APP as Tencent has deleted Chaos Hook in Boss Box and no one can get it from Challenge Mode.
    • Later on, many events in early 2019 allows players to obtain this weapon permanently.



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