Ceyhan is a map that has one variant, Search & Destroy.


Being an indifferent map like any other, Ceyhan introduces a mixture of big space, and small space; as a map. Both bases can be described the same by size, but not looks. Both bases are equally at the same distances on a bombsite, making an equal match in terms of bomb detonation and planting.


During the negotiation of restraining Middle-East, Big money has been sent to the executive government of Crude Tribe from Israel, but unfortunately it went to the partisan organization of Turkey’s Crude separatists. And with that money, they have requested the Black List to blow the oil pipeline in Ceyhan. If the oil gateway of Europe, the Ceyhan’s oil pipeline blows up, Israel will have trouble in diplomatic relations and will have the Europe and Turkey will strongly resist to it. So to stop this from happening, the Israel’s secret intelligence, Mossad has requested a secret mission to the Global Risk to obstruct the terror of Black List. Now, the mission clashes between the Europe’s oil passage Ceyhan, Turkey.


  • This map has a lot of glitches because this is a very old map, and they haven't been fix yet.


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