Nano Cement
Cement Plant is a large Hero Mode X map set at the Ash Grove cement factory. It features a lot of accessible buildings, a large ramp with a great view over the factory courtyard and then the sewers with strong current for those in trouble.


  • CF China: Cement Factory.
  • CF Brazil: Mining Company.
  • CF West: Cement Mine.
  • CF Español: Cementera.


Conveyor Belt Description
Spot Conveyor This very high platform offers a good vantage point over the map. The main focus should be the sides of the ramp, as the conveyor belt will push anyone in it. Also, soldiers should also keep an eye out for the ladder in the back.

Concrete Pipe Description
Spot Crane This large concrete pipe, suspended by a crane, can be accessed via some crates and ledges. The soldiers can hold from inside of the concrete pipe or from the ledges to prevent mutants from reaching them.

Sewer System Description
Spot Sewers Should soldiers need to escape from an incoming horde, they can climb few boxes leading to the sewer system. The strong current of the tunnel will carry anyone in it to the other side of the factory, as indicated by the glass panels on the floor.

Roof Cover Description
Spot Awning While it is not entirely practical, brave soldiers may attempt to hold out a small roof cover. It is normally only accessible via the aforementioned sewer system, as it launch people upon exit, but the mutants may also jump from a nearby container.

Metal Support Description
Spot Support This long metal support provides what is probably the best hold out position in the factory. The soldiers should only need to focus on the pipe leading up to the metal frame. It is quite high as well, which should reduces boost attempts overall.

Long Ladder Description
Spot Ladder This long ladder leads to a storage room of the facility. If the soldiers decide to stay on the platform at the top, they can shoot down any mutants climbing the ladder. They can fallback onto the following three spots when necessary.

Storage Silo Description
Spot Cylinder This storage silo offers little space, but few soldiers can defend from there as they primarily focus on shooting at mutants on the chain-link platform. Although, it is very likely that the mutants would attempt to boost from below at some point.

Retractable Girder Description
Spot Girder Near the storage silo spot is another area that contains a panel that retracts a metal beam connecting both sides, which allows soldiers to safely cross to the spot. After retracting the girder, they would prevent mutants jumping over the gap.

Air Ducts Description
Spot Ductwork The top part of this air ducts is normally accessible via the window of the previous spot, which play an integral part in the survival of both party using these spots. Those holding out by the window should shoot mutants jumping over the gap.