Cash Point or simply Cash is an in-game currency in Crossfire. The term and its transaction rate varies depend on each server


Like GP and FP, cash points can be used to purchase all sort of stuff in Item Shop and Black Market. In most case, the items are advanced, permium version and gives benefit to players owning it over other players. Cash points cannot be earned via playing ingame, it can only be earned by purchasing via publisher's website using real money - however, servers with Trade System updates allow players to trade permitted items for Cash Points from other players. Once bought, Cash points cannot be returned for money under any circumstance.

In some CF version, Cash points can also be used to purchase GP, this is accomplished by buying a specific item / set in the Item Shop or Webmall, and upon purchasing success, GP will be given to players instantly. The same happens with FP


There are different currencies for regions and they are:

  • Japan - RioCoin / RC
  • Vietnam - Vcoin
  • China - CF Points / CFP / CF点
  • West/Brazil - Z8 Points / ZP
  • Philippines - eCoin / EC
  • Indonesia - Koin
  • Russia - KRD
  • Taiwan - CF Points
  • Malaysia / Singapore - Booz
  • Spain - Z8 Points / ZP
  • Korea - CASH


  • China - 6.8 RMB (about $1) is equal to 680 CFP
  • Indonesia - Rp 500,000 (about $50) is equal to 163,000 Koin
  • Vietnam - 20,000 VND ($1) is equal to 20 Vcoin
  • Philippines - 1 PHP is equal to 1 Ecoin
  • Russia - 500 RUB is equal to 1000 KRD
  • Europe - 100€ are equal to 115.000 RP
  • Japan - ¥ 1,000 is equal to 1000 RC
  • Brazil - R$ 10,00 is equal to 9000 ZP


  • In CF Vietnam, there is a special item called Giftbox which gives out random amount of GP upon purchasing, plus it acts as EXP Plus card in 1 day. This item is quite interesting at first, but most of the time you won't get more than 3500 GP, so it's only useful for players who need to farm EXP because they can have 100% EXP Plus using this item