is an exclusive Hero Mode X sets within an abandoned amusement park during the night. There are various rides and point of interest where soldiers can defend.


  • Carnival (West & Vietnam).
  • Amusement Park (Most Versions).
  • Death Playground (China).
  • Abandoned Park (Brazil).
  • Zombie Park (Indonesia).
  • Xeno Park (Japan)


Spots Description
Ferris Wheel Large ferris wheel where soldiers can defend one of the cars, altough lots of firepower is required.
Pirate Ship An inactive pirate ship ride where the top can be defended; with enough firepower that is.
Gift Shop The shop features a short hallway with two proximity doors on each extremity; hard to defend.
Shop's Top Fairly similar spot to Zone 13's rooftop; accessable from either the Ferris Wheel or Pirate Ship.
Tagada Ride The tagada rides leads to the top of a small blue cabin, which is an effective spot to defend.
Closet The blue cabin features a small closet where up to two soldiers may hide, although obvious.
Booths The booths may serves as somewhat obvious hiding spot or area to fight mutants as Rangers.



Chinese CrossFire - Dreamland Amusement Park Extermination !

Chinese CrossFire - Dreamland Amusement Park Extermination !

CrossFire Vietnam - Carnival Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam - Carnival Gameplay.


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