Cargo Ship is an Escape Mode map featured in CrossFire.


  • Cargo Ship (Most versions).
  • Cargo (CF Japan).


Cargo Ship is a map similar to Transport Ship TD. Taking place in the Atlantic while on a floating boat. The map is very compact, as it is filled with many steel platforms and boxes. The map itself is also very small, making it a very hard challenge along with the many obstacles. On the side of the map is a pathway where Global Risk can follow to lead to a sneak attack point. If you utilize this, you can sneak and kill Black List Soldiers without them knowing. Abusing this a lot can make Black List soldiers counter attack your strategy.

Global Risk Base

Global Risk start in the East End of the ship in a small steel tower. In front of the spawn point of the tower are big steel platform, and a few crates. The main all seeing eye of the base, in the middle is the escape point. In front of the escape point are three pathways. One pathway on the right which is easily identical to the left where Black List soldiers can run up and try to get into the escape point. The one in the middle which is high on top, is where Black List soldiers can jump and hopefully make it through the pathway. If not noticed, on the right side of the Global Risk base(in the direction you spawn at) is a hidden pathway. This hidden pathway leads to a 'sneak' point where Global Risk soldiers can hopefully sneak and eliminate a few Black List Soldiers before they notice you.

Black List Base

The Black List Base is located in the west end of the map. They start out in a small room inside a steel tower. In front of the base is a vase area on steel platforms and crates. From the base, Black List Soldiers need to go straight and infiltrate the Global Risk Base by entering the portal with the exact amounts to win the game. There are three pathways Black List Soldiers can enter from. Two entrances from both left to right, and if you take a room to the middle of the room, you can jump off a pile of boxes and get into the portal.


  • Snipers can be really helpful if you love camping at base. Waiting for the enemy to go to the location where you want them to be in is perfect if you have the patience.
  • A good for rushing to the portal if you are Black List.


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