Cairo is a Team Deathmatch map within a small town located in the capital of Egypt. The map is currently available in the following versions:
  • Cairo / Kairos (Most versions).
  • Persian Town (China & Taiwan).
  • Ancient City (Vietnam).


This map, unlike most Team Deathmatch maps, does not have a symmetrical layout, but it is still balanced overall for both parties. Global Risk spawns north in a small tunnel, while Black List spawns south in a small cabin. From there two paths are available and a large residential house at the center that connects both ways.

One way leads to a large hallway, which is the perfect spot for sniper users. There are also few columns on the side, which are good for cover. The other way is a large area with various obstacles, where most fights usually occurs. The residential house is somewhat empty, it mainly serves as a connector but fights may happen there as well.

On the north-east side, there's a small shelter with two windows, it is unlikely that Global Risk will ever find this useful, but if Black List manage to reach it, they may get some kills out of it, although only for so long as it's facing their enemy's spawn point and are likely to get swarmed by grenades.


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