Cache is a Search & Destroy map sets at a refinery plant. The map is a remake of an official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community map of the same name: Cache (de_cache). The map was originally made by Volcano; then also FMPOne and penE for the latest version.


  • CF China: Refinery Plant.
  • CF Japan: Oil Refinery.
  • CF West: Refinery.
  • CF Brazil: Tanks
  • CF Korea: Oil Refinery
  • CF Español: Oil Refinery
  • CF Russia: Oil Storage Depot


  • CF Brazil added this map in July 2017 but later got removed in August 2017 for unknown reasons.
    • It was re-added later again in its November update.
  • Surprisingly, CF Europe received this map on September permanently. A rare occurrences due to this map being a complete remake to Cache from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Maps being remade from CS usually aren't released outside of the Chinese Crossfire.
  • In a survey in CF Europe, this map was the most voted map to make it's debut in CF Europe. It was followed by Ankara 2.0, Gladiator and Toy Castle. These maps will also be available in future updates on CF Europe.


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