"Butcher wants revenge. Run away in fear or be prepared to meet your butcher knife demise."
- in-game description


Butcher is a male character in CrossFire.


This is the first Halloween-themed character featured in CrossFire, to celebrate the 2019's Halloween. The BL side has mask on and uses ripped brown clothes with a rope on the neck, he also has a butcher's knife on his waist. The GR side has a white ripped shirt and blue pants, he also has a rope on his neck and a butcher's knife on his waist.


  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF West
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Russia
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Korea

Character Skill

  • Reduced Fall Damage.
  • Flash Guard: Flash effect reduced (stackable with counterpart items).
  • Increased shift-key move speed while equipped with melee weapon.


  • Both GR and BL models are identical, with some minor differences.
  • Unique from other characters, when this character is died, he will release a special ghost aura effect.
    • In CF Philippines, Butchers that are infected in Mutation Mode (and variants) and killed the first time will still release the special ghost aura effect.
  • In CF Philippines, Butcher's movement speed is faster when equipped with any melee weapon. It was later fixed on October 15.



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