Bridge is a Team DeathMatch map set on a short bridge with several crates and containers. The map is a remake of Transport Ship, keeping its layout intact, but does add an interesting twist.


  • CF China: Big Bridge
  • CF Vietnam: Port Bridge
  • CF Korea: Big Bridge
  • CF Indonesia: Big Bridge
  • CF Philippines: Bridge
  • CF Russia: Big Bridge
  • CF West: Bridge
  • CF Brazil: Bridge
  • CF Japan: Big Bridge

Phoenix Time

Whenever the timer reaches one minute left or once a team has fourty kills left; an attack helicopter will arrive and destroy everything on the bridge, thus sealing access to the spawn points and alternate routes. There is a short countdown of five seconds to allow soldiers to switch their bag one last time before the special time begins.

The soldiers will face each other directly at the center of the bridge and score points against each other during the remaining time/points left. Meaning nobody can die, but will rather have a protective shield for three seconds each time a point is scored against them. The ammunition remains the same all the way, thus possible to run out of ammo. Armor count won't reset, so once it's depleted, it's gone for good.


  • It's strongly recommended using Machine Gun on the Phoenix Time if you prefer CQC. Additionally, any strong Shotgun will make short works of opponent players.
  • In addition, you can switch to a Sniper Rifle, then back off from the battle and kill the enemy from distance. Doing this will give the opposing team less chance to kill you, but you cannot get many kills either. 
  • Using a Flash Bang + Anti-Flash gear to help you get some good kills at the beginning of Phoenix Time.
  • Keep your grenade until the middle of the battle when everyone has rushed forward, then throw it in the middle of the crowd. With luck, you might score some combo easily. 



Cross Fire China -- Big Bridge (Team DeathMatch) -GamePlay-!

Cross Fire China -- Big Bridge (Team DeathMatch) -GamePlay-!

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