Brass Knuckles is a melee weapon featured in CrossFire.  


As the name suggests, these dual knuckles are worn on the user's hands, amplifying the strength and injury the attacker puts out. It's the first weapon introduced into Crossfire to features two seperate melee weapons held in each hand. 

In terms of actual damage, the Brass Knuckles also features a unique set of attacks. The first pair of attacks, commonly referred to as the slash, is split into four separate punches, two per click. The second attack, known as the stab, is a powerful punch thrown at the enemy.  

The Brass Knuckles is very light. Switching over to these Knuckles is also fast and efficient when faced with a rapidly approaching enemy. In finality, the Brass Knuckles is a powerful melee weapon that can drive your allies to victory if played correctly. 



  • Many sources state that the Brass Knuckles have farther range than the BC-Axe. However, the Knuckles have a 10% shorter range than the default Knife, giving it one of the shortest range melee weapons in the game.
  • The sets of attacks seen in the animations of the Brass Knuckles are defined by commonly known boxing terms. The slash can be referred to as a "jab", in which the user lightly pokes/strikes at the enemy. The stab is most definitely known as a hook, in which the user throws a powerful punch at an angle that gains velocity over time, amplifying its strength as it makes contact with their boxing opponent.
  • It has been confirmed that the secondary attack of the Brass Knuckles will, in fact, deal 100 points of damage to any enemy, regardless of where they are struck and if the target is wearing armor or not. The slashes, however, will have reduced damage if they strike an armor wearing opponent.


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