Brass Black WS is a weapon set that features black and yellow color on the design with some small green details.

Weapon List


  • Judging by its color shame, this weapon series is highly inspired by the AK47-Fuel Injector in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
    • This weapon set somehow looks similar to PSG-1 Gold.
  • This WS is given for free immediatelly upon added to CF Vietnam thanks to a 2-weeks event that let players buy a set amount of capsules (175) and be instantly rewarded with three permanent pieces of the WS. In addition, players who have not spend cash for a long time can participate in this event as well but they have an additional perk: Win one piece, and rewarded with one of the other two pieces. With luck, a player can win either Kriss Super V or Savage 110BA upon first 80 capsules, get one of the two via the reward, then claim the Dual Colt via the first reward event (by buying 80 capsules).
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