Mecha Phoenix (Phoenix of the Doomsday as the translation from CF China), as the name suggests, is a mechanical phoenix with fire based attacks and then some. He is somewhat reminiscent of Chaos, since they are both flying bosses; but also Atlas for the fire breathing and the fact it only moves around the map.


  • Feather Bomb: The Phoenix will launch Feather Bombs onto the ground, which will then stick in place and detonate in two seconds. Avoid their red blast radius.
  • Fire Blast: Same as Atlas, Phoenix will blast a huge fire trail following one player while burning the ground to catch other players off guard.

  • Tornado: He will release a couple of Tornado onto the map, catching players wandering near it and render them helpless. Depending on their height, players may need to perform a kick to avoid falling damage (Although if they have Fall damage absorbed, this is not a big issue).

Tips & Strategies

  • Stick to the edge of the map. This will minimize damage taken from Feather Bomb, and the Tornado can't hit you there.
  • If you are the target of Fire Blast, stay away from your friends and run in circle.
  • Wait for Phoenix to stop before using special weapons. He won't be frozen if you shoot him while he's flying.


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