Mincer is an unknown person wearing a chemical suit, which takes control of a large floating machine known as the Mechanical Device. He is reminiscent of the Predator's core, as they are both controlling heavy machinery and use laser based attacks.


This particular boss is fairly limited in attacks. He has an attack pattern until his health drops below half:

  • Lasers: He will lock on all soldiers with tracking lasers and then blast laser beams that follow their prey. It may catch others off-guard though; if they bump into each others.
  • Thunder: He will use his stick to gather electricity then release it on the ground which will cover the whole map, dealing serious damage. It can be avoided with a perfectly-timed roundhouse kick.
  • Energy Shield: This is the first skill Mincer will use after showing up. 3 generators are deployed and are connected to him which provides an Energy Shield that minimizes damage to him. Taking the generators out will allow soldiers to drain his HP easier.
  • Glide: Once his health finally reaches half, his device will start spinning and chase all soldiers in the map, switching targets after each hit. 

Tips & strategies

  • Take out Mincer's Energy Shield as soon as possible, as shooting him normally will take more time. Use all special weapons on his 3 generators.
  • Once Mincer start gliding, a supply drops will arrive with freezing weapons. Soldiers should use them one at a time (best left to one player while the other three shoot Mincer whilst moving around to avoid him) - if done correctly, he will be killed by the time freezing weapons' effect expires.
    • However, if there are one or two AP Gatling Gun dropped, other players should grab them immediately, as they provide better firepower against Mincer.
  • To avoid being hit by his Gliding skill, perform a kick as it approaches. This will allow you to take the hit without losing HP. Requires some practice to master, but if done correctly, all players should be unharmed.


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