Armored Engineer (Metal Butcher as the translation from CF China) is a relatively large golem armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry, including cannon blasters and a chained cannonball with spikes. He also wears various armor pieces which can be destroyed.

The boss is very reminiscent of the Heavy Titan boss (and its counterparts), due to his charge and explosives based attacks. Therefore he's a force to be reckoned with in close quarter combat but can also occasionally deal a good amount of damage at large distance too.


This boss always variates between the following set of attacks, as it doesn't show any particular rage based changes once its health drops below half. Although his blaster will shoot more bombs as its health descent.

  • Punch: He will simply punch nearby soldiers that are too close for their own good.
  • Charge: Similar to some older bosses, he will roar then charge toward someone.
  • Spin Attack: He might attempt a spin attack with his chained cannonball. The momentum of his spin will leave him vulnerable for few seconds though, so that he can regain his stability.
  • Cannon Blast: He will stop and launch bombs toward soldiers of his choosing, the blast radius also become hazardous environment for a while.

Tips & Strategies

  • Quickly destroy his armors once the round starts so he will be more vulnerable to gun fires
  • When he start charging, perform a kick so his attack will be negated. Don't try sliding away, as his charge is homing-attack.
  • Stick to the edge of the map and lure him around in a circle. This will give you more grounds to run from his Cannon Blast.


  • At 5:25 part of a CF China's CG(The first video of the list, this is a trailer CG of Boss Arena), Armored Engineer mightily punched Heavy Titan into a pipe-like building with his steel ball, and killed Heavy Titan instantly with the explosion, this might leads to a suggestion that Armored Engineer is way strengthened than Heavy Titan, while they actually have the similar heavyweight.


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