Stealth Assassin, also known as the Invisible Assassin, is the only female boss in the game. She wears a weird helmet; has swords on her arms and wears high heel boots. She doesn't appear to be reminiscent of any previous bosses either.

Among all the bosses in this map, she is the easiest one to beat as long as soldiers execute the right tactic against her.


  • Normal Slash: She will stick to whoever damages her the most and attempt to slice that soldiers with her swords.
  • Spinning Attack: She will spin around and charge toward soldiers, switching target after dealing with one another.
  • Partial Invisibility: This is her defense skill, she will occasionally goes partially invisible and run around to regenerate HPs. If soldiers don't shoot her hard enough, she will come back with more HPs to confront them.

  • Roar: When her health starts to drop, she will roar, leaving herself a flame at the back to indicate that she's on rage. This skill doesn't inflict damage.
  • Charge: She will charge up, aiming at a specific soldiers, then quickly rush and slice him/her with both swords, dealing massive damage. This can be avoided by performing a kick as she approaches.

Tips & Strategies

  • One player with heavy weapon should approach Invisible Assassin the moment she spawns and shoot away. This will cause her to chase after him so the other three can use special weapons to drain her HP.
  • Perform a kick as soon as she starts attacking (either the Spinning attack or Slash). This will immediately stops her and she will go back to attack one player who's luring her. Just move in circle around her and shoot, she won't be able to damage you this way.
  • When she goes invisible, it's vital to find her ASAP (by hearing her heel sound) and shoot her as much as you can to prevent her from regaining HPs. Again, one player should focus on this while the other three hang back and use special weapons on her.
  • Once Invisible Assassin starts raging, another supply drop will arrive. The luring player should repeat above steps to keep her in one place and the other three blasts her - if done correctly, she will go down in less than a minute.


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  • When Invisible Assassin runs, she always emits smoke from her mask.
  • In CFVN, she is miswritten "Invisable Assassin". It's a minor overlook.
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