Beach Resort
Bora Bora Island is a Melee Only map located in the South Pacific. The layout is quite similar to Swamp, while the spawn areas are similar to Jungle Temple's.

For more infomation about Bora Bora Island, check via this link: Bora Bora.


  • Beach Party (China).
  • Bora Bora Island (Vietnam).


Unlike most Melee Only maps and similar to CF Arena, this map is quite large. Anything goes in this map because there is very few places to hide or camp, and everyone will be out battling each other until the match is over. This map is also filled with water on most of the map, obviously because of the map's setting, which also preventing players from suicide.

An unmentioned special feature in this map is the knockback effect when hitting/killing the enemy (normally this feature can only seen when using VVIP melee weapons) along with unique death animation.



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