Boot Camp is a Team Deathmatch map taking place inside a training camp for new soldiers. Both factions are going to battle at will to secure this place if they want to get more trained soldiers to send on the battlefield.


  • Boot Camp (China)
  • CQB (Japan, Indonesia)
  • Training Camp (Vietnam)
  • Camp (Russia)


Similar to most TDM maps, Boot Camp has a symmetric layout with BL and GR spawn point facing each other, covered by some small barricades. There are two enclosed route to reach the other side (The right one is high up, only your opponents can pop out from it unless you double-jump the crates to get into it), leading high up with a hole to drop down to the middle section of the map. They are connected at the center with a narrow bridge with some open spaces, allowing players to take down opponents from below. Almost all weapons can be used in this map due to its closed-combat design


  • This map is also known as CQB (Close Quarter Battle) as written on some walls and within the game's files.



Chinese CrossFire - Boot Camp TD!

Chinese CrossFire - Boot Camp TD!

Boot Camp TDM gameplay by Simrock

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