Boosting (or Farming) is another illegal activity in CrossFire, aside from hacks. Some high rank players are penalized for this reason.

Modes that booster prefer


This process can easily boost your badge, Kill/Death ratio and helps you rank up fast. All you have to do is to create some dummy accounts (clones), and someone or even yourself controlling the PCs, then start to kill the dummy accounts till the end of the time. The mode most used in boosting is the Team Deathmatch, with one player against all other. Because the auto-kick system will kick idle players in two minutes, only small and medium maps can be used for this tactic. Respawning time must be set to 0 (Or in case of CF VN and CF Japan, clones must have 4-sec fast respawn item). As soon as the match start, boosting player simply rushes to the other side and kill all the clones with headshot (Save ammo and boost headshot required for badge too) until the match end. Also, you can wear some VVIPs like AN94-Spaceship to retains ammo for an headshot kill. If boosting player has EXP plus items, he/she can gain a lot of EXP with ACE and last kill reward. And, if he/she play in 500% EXP/GP event, for example, he/she will gain more EXP/GP.

To boost faster, cloners wear full of VVIPs weapons in all bag. Also, if players don't have VVIPs, they will be kicked unless they are the host or they reserved the host first.


The most penalties that can be given is a rank rollback. In case of very high-ranking player, he/she could receive a temporary ban or even permanent ban. Also, CF China will ban permanently accounts that boosting even if booster is just a low-rank player. Other CF servers at first ban players, but now they ignore it, let them boosting freely.


  • In CF Vietnam, if there is a General-class player in the room that their skills are worse than Sergeants or even Trainees, they will be called Chinese General (Tướng Tàu) by other players. This often is the result of boosting.
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