Black Widow 2.0 is an enhanced version of Black Widow, which is available in many modes, which includes: Search & Destroy, Free For All, Spy Mode, Super Soldiers (S&D) and Suppression Mode!

The map features slight layout changes, as well as various weather effects via the quality slider. There's another version of this map which features both the new textures and original map's layout; which is available as a separate map.


This map is updated inside CrossFire 2.0 patch. Available in all version.


It features a new skybox, props, obstacles, sounds (in the bell tower and the flock of birds flying around) and massive effects (depends on the settings of your graphics, which can be customized in the quality slider).


Black Widow 2.0

CrossFire 2.0 BLACK WIDOW (New Design 2

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CrossFire 2

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CrossFire 2

CrossFire 2.0 - Visiting Black Widow!

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