Map BlackWidow
BlackWidow Lite
Black Widow has several modes which include Search & Destroy (+Bots), Team Deathmatch and Free For All map sets within a surveillance site owned by Global Risk operatives. It is available in every version (except the Team DeathMatch / Bots variants):


  • Black Widow (most versions).
  • Broadcasting Station (VN, RU).
This is one of the five maps that received texture upgrade.


Black List operatives have discovered a huge sea-base belonging to the Global Risk Corporation. In order to attack the base the Black List team must first disarm the sea-base’s radar systems. The shadow of the Black List is descending upon Black Widow. Global Risk operatives have been deployed to stop them.


It is a wide open map, highly inspired by Counter-Strike's popular Dust2 map. It is one of the most used map in competition along with Port, Mexico and Sub Base. Many long alleys for distant encounters, various camping spot for snipers etc. Soldiers can immediatly starts fragging from spawn to spawn with enough accuracy.

Outside of Search & Destroy, this map appears to be relatively small for Free For All. Players usually complain about the spawn points, but that's simply due to the map's size not being appropriate for this mode. On the other hand, one can argue that it might be too large for Team Deathmatch. It is always best played in S&D overall.


  • Black Widow is simple re-designed from De_Dust2 in CS 1.6 but SmileGate has put some objects and texture.
  • This is the most popular map in CF Vietnam and Philippines ever since its release, played in almost all FFA and S&D games (also seen in some TDM rooms as well).
  • In CF Philippines and CF Vietnam, there was a bug when coming to Long A terrace and you will die instantly, but it was fixed after an update.


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