"Black Raven is a private military company established by the United Nations in the shadows. Members of Black Raven are hand-picked elites United Nations. They enforce the will of the United Nations, for better or for worse."
- in-game description

Black Raven or (Black Hawk/UNSF) is a male character featured in CrossFire.


They wear a body armor that bears a resemblance to the CIRAS vest. The GR version has a Remington 870 in his back and is unusable.


Black Raven Special Operations Group is a part of the Country "X", composed of elite members of troops in combat experience. They are like the "Raven" cruel hunting target accurately. Exceptional combat capabilities so that they can be the excellent job done in a variety of harsh environments. These all-powerful warrior once again be brought together, they were about to the front, the implementation of a mysterious " Special Operations - Black Hawk Down."

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