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BL (Black List) is a mercenary team in Crossfire. The BLs are the 'bad guys'/terrorist faction in-game which are the opposing force to the Global Risk.


Black List is a secretive mercenary organization that advocates the use of violence to halt the spread of corporate capitalism and globalization. They claim that current world powers have used aggressive foreign policy to maintain modern empires, and will use any means necessary to combat their expansion.

The Black List organization operates outside of any legal systems, and as a result its origins have remained unknown. Indeed, no one has ever come close to discovering the identities of its leaders. Initially, they were made up of militant groups from war torn nations. However, recent outrage against global and domestic economic inequality has served to strengthen the ranks of Black List, as more and more embittered former special operations agents have joined the organization. While calling themselves freedom fighters for all oppressed peoples of third world nations, Black List has been a true thorn in the side of globalization efforts by capitalist governments. Although serving the ambitions of impoverished nations does not net them great profit, they are still able to fund operations through illegal channels and private investors.

The label of freedom fighters is not accepted by their opponents, who believe Black List are nothing more than a terrorist outfit bent on destroying democratic ideals. This is a valid concern, as their efforts have contributed to an increasingly violent world.

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