Biochemical Facility is a Ghost Mode map sets within a biochemical weapon facility where Ghost equipments and Mutants are being produced.


  • Bio Facility (West).
  • Ghost Nano Lab (Indonesia, Philippines).
  • Weapons Lab (China, Japan).
  • Object A19 (Russia).
  • Laboratory-X (Brazil).
  • Laboratory (Vietnam).

Global Risk

You have to protect the bomb planting sites from the Ghosts team. The Global Risk base is close enough to the bomb planting sites, this way they can protect it from the Ghosts team. If you're going to relax, close one eye and open one, if not, you are going to be killed by the Ghosts. The Global Risk team is very easy to attack on this map. Be careful and hear the ghosts breath with more attention.

Black List

You are in the Ghosts team. Do what you can to blow up the sites before the Global Risk team find you. If possible, use combat axe or shovel etc. On this map, you must do your best, because if you don't be quiet, the Global Risk team can hear your breath.

Tips & Strategies

  • If you are in Global Risk team, you should is to pay attention as much as possible to hear the Ghosts team breath. It's recommended to buy some headphones.
  • If you are Global Risk, you can hear the ghosts planting the bomb, so listen closely to hear when they are planting the bomb.
  • If you are on the Ghosts team, be careful to not to make any big noise. Buy a ZP knife and your chances to win will be increased. And if you can, do the "Bunny Hop" if you are a ghost.


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