A low power weapons with high accuracy and a large ammunition capacity.
- Weapon description

Beretta M9 (or simply M9) is a semi-automatic pistol featured in CrossFire.


The Beretta M9 is a cheap pistol with bad stopping power. It is not capable of one-hit headshots at any range, and it often take up to 6 hits before it kills an enemy. But it's has medium magazine size and moderate reloading speed & high accuracy for having low recoil. It's rarely seen in-game due to its abysmal performance.


  • High accuracy.
  • Fast drawing speed.
  • High magazine capacity.
  • Low recoil.
  • Lightweight.


  • Low damage dealing.
  • Damage reducing at long range.
  • Moderate rate of fire.
  • Moderate reloading speed.


Available in all CrossFire versions.


  • In real-life, M9 is the US military designation for the Beretta 92FS. It was the sidearm of most US forces, until the US Army adopted the SIG P320 pistol in 2017.
  • The gun's weak firepower in-game is based upon its real-life counterpart's performance in war. The Beretta has gained a bad reputation among US soldiers due to its weak 9mm ball ammo. It is one of the reasons why the US Military has been seeking a new sidearm.
  • The P228, USP, Glock-18 are also chambered in 9mm, but their damage are respectively higher than the Beretta in CF.
  • CF Vietnam incorrectly claims that this gun has 15/35 rounds instead of 15/30 - this is an obvious typo mistake as all weapons must have spare ammunition in equal magazines.
  • In CF Russia and CF China, the M9 isn't sold in the Item Shop. Zombie Mode is the only way to obtain it for the match - you can find it on "Secondary weapon box" at the Biohazard map.
  • This gun shares the same animations with the USP, Colt 1911 and P228.
  • In CF Europe, this gun used a wrong Item Icon from USP for 5 years, finally they fixed it in 15th December 2016.



CrossFire VN - Beretta M9

CrossFire VN - Beretta M9

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