Beretta AR-70 Red Dragon is an assault rifle variant of Beretta AR-70.


Like most other Red Dragon weapons, it features a partial Red Dragon skin painted on its body, leaving the buttstock and pistol grip plain. It has +5 ammo comparing to original variants (vary based on each server) and a slight enhanced stability.


  • CF West
  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Russia
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Español


  • Since the AR-70 originally has 30-rounds in most servers and 35-rounds in CF China, the RD variants ended up having 35 or 40-rounds based on this. Certain servers make a mistake on its ammo count because of this (Such as CF Russia claiming it having 35 rounds instead of 40 while CF Vietnam claiming it having 40 rounds instead of 35).
  • In CF Vietnam, this gun arrives in a Special RD Set bundled with AWM-Red Dragon and Anaconda-Red Dragon, which both got removed from Capsule shop earlier. It's speculated that the older RD weapons are thrown in just to make it harder to win the AR-70 RD.
    • Following an event on Oct 2016 however, players are granted free capsules for referring new faces to CF Vietnam - the maximum number is 588 with full 300 friends referred. As a result, lots of players managed to get this gun for free just by farming the events, at the cost of gaining duplicates on other pieces.
  • In CF Philippines, this weapon was added to all players' storage on August 3 as a part of The Last Bastion Patch for August, although it's not permanent and will expire by 6 pm of the same date. Other weapons will be added for 3 separate days, the AK47-Scope Red Dragon on August 4, AWM-Red Dragon on August 5 and M4A1-S Red Dragon on August 6 and will also expire at 6 pm of their perspective dates.
    • Although this weapon is only obtainable via Capsule Shop's junkie prizes, this is also obtainable as one of the rewards on Top-up events.



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