Battle Mode currently uses four different classes to choose from. Soldiers may change between these classes at any given time at their spawn if they want; by pressing the H-Key. Each classes offers three skills with various timers before they can be activated. Here are the four classes currently available:

BattleMode Attack
An assault-type class that goes right into the action with their various tools to assist them.
Key Skill Name Description
Key Z-Skill Attack StunGrenade Stun Grenade Powerful grenade that deal damages and also stun / slows down enemies.
Key X-Skill Attack Stimpack Stimpack A strengthening agent that grant complete recoil control of their weapons.
Key C-Skill Attack AT4 AT4 Bazooka Rocket launcher that is devastating against enemy soldiers and aerial threats.

BattleMode Defense
A defensive-type class that will make sure to protect their team members at all cost.
Key Icon Skill Description
Key Z-Skill Defense UAV Infrared Bomb A fuzzy bomb that creates an infrared field, which highlight enemies inside it.
Key X-Skill Defense Shield Shield Syringe Temporarily reduce incoming damage; plus immunity against UAVs & Infrared.
Key C-Skill Defense Sentry Sentry Gun An automated sentry gun that will shoot at any enemies found in its line of sight.

BattleMode Recon
A scout-type class that provides useful information about their opposition's whereabouts.
Key Icon Skill Description
Key Z-Skill Recon UAV UAV Recon Uses a "PLGR" to call a recon plane that ping enemy location on the radar.
Key X-Skill Recon Claymore M18 Claymore Recon can places a mine, which will explodes if any enemy walks in front of it.
Key C-Skill Recon Airstrike Airstrike Requests a massive airstrike attack on the designated area with a laser target.

BattleMode Support
A supportive-type class, starts with 200 health points and provide some team based perks.
Key Icon Skill Description
Key Z-Skill Support Flag Healing Flag Flag that can be placed on the ground, which heal team members in its radius.
Key X-Skill Support Turret Protector A special kind of turret that blocks any type of enemy grenades thrown near it.
Key C-Skill Support Gunner Helicopter An attack chopper that roam above the battlefield and shoot down enemies.

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