Battle Mode: Team DeathMatch is a sub mode of Battle Mode that works similarly to Super Soldiers (TDM), but with its own class system and in larger territories. The main gimmick of this mode, apart for the classes and their skills, is that soldiers have the option to deploy on the battlefield via parachute!


The same mechanics in Team Deathmatch is still applied to this mode, but the play time or score limit has got extended up to 250; furthermore, soldiers' default health point also got extended up to 200. Upon the match, soldiers have to choose one among the four classes and can be changed after respawning. The new features of this mode is that soldiers can choose the respawning option, either on the respective team base or jumping via parachute (press P to change the stance mode). Soldiers can shoot others or throw grenades when respawning from the helicopter, which is an advantage since they have the invincibility time.

When there is a red ring appearing on the ground, it is a signal that there is an enemy going to be landed there; therefore, soldiers nearby must be aware and have to defeat the enemies immediately although the landed one still has the invincibility time. The blue ring, however, signals that there will be a teammate about to be landed from the sky.

This mode also represents the Supply Box from Mutation Mode appearing randomly in the map. The Supply Box's only function is to boost the skills's charging from the class faster.


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