Baseball Bat is a melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


The Baseball Bat has its origins in sports, but in CrossFire it serves as a bludgeoning weapon. Its aluminum body is covered with camouflage and has the CF Headshot logo printed on it. It is a bit heavier than other melee weapons such as the Kukri and Shovel.

Similar to the Katana, the Baseball Bat is held with two hands, and the player character attacks with back and forth swings (primary) or a charged downward swing from the right (secondary). The secondary attack can be held back like with the Katana, but players move much faster.

The primary attack takes 3 hits to the body to kill and 2 to the head. The secondary attack kills in 1 swing wherever it hits.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.



  • When the weapon is held back in secondary attack, the character assumes the same pose a batter in baseball would.
  • The Baseball Bat's weight is heavily exaggerated in Crossfire and is much lighter in real life.
    • Baseball bats in actual games need just the right amount of weight for a batter to be able to swing fast and strike fastballs thrown by a pitcher with great force, sending the balls flying at great distances.
  • In CF Philippines, this Mega Lotto crate item can be purchased on Gold Rush's Item Shop and players can either keep or transfer it on in-game to spin the crate anytime they want.



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