Barrett M82A1-Red Dragon is a sniper rifle variant of the Barrett M82A1.


In addition to the skin, the Barrett RD has a slightly faster bolt cycling time. On the other side, this still remains the slowest sniper rifle in-game. This is a wanted gun and known by its immense power. All in all, this gun is perfect and it is a must-have for collectors.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF West
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Korea


  • Barrett Red Dragon was supposed to be available only during 2012 Summer in CF Vietnam - despite numerous news claiming that it's limited edition, this gun continues to stay in Black Market up until nowadays. Being the only permanent re-skin Barrett variant, this gun is the hardest one to win, with some people opening up to 3000 crates in one run yet still fail.
    • In a "spend vcoin, get permanent weapon" event, VTC offered this gun at the price of 456 vcoins (less than 25$). Many veteran players (especially those who spent a lot of money to get this gun) were openly disgusted by this greedy move from VTC, given that they "sell" a Barrett M82A1 at such a low price, leave alone one with extremely low chance to win like Barrett Red Dragon.
  • CF Japan has an unique render model for this Barrett M82A1 variant, featuring a smaller scope, folded-up rails and full Red Dragon skin. Despite this, its HUD still looks the same like all other servers.
    • Exclusive for CF Japan: this gun has 15 rounds per magazine.
  • A bug in CF West makes the Barrett Red Dragon deal less then 100 damage at random times.
  • CF Indonesia uses the Royal Dragon skin instead of Red Dragon for this weapon.



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