Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark Zhu Que is a VVIP sniper rifle variant of Barrett M82A1 and more specifically, Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark.


While it sharing the same body shape with the Iron Shark, this gun underwent a large decoration overhaul with red color scheme and golden Vermilion Bird craving on its body. It has been redesigned to be an Anti-Mutant Sniper Rifle to fight against mutants more effectively.

Performance wise, this gun is identical with the Iron Shark variant, albeit the laser sight is no longer present, limiting its quick-scoping assist in PvP mode. In Mutation Mode & variants however, a crosshair is displayed so players can quick-scope mutants easier. In addition, it features a charging bar and when it's full, pressing 1 will unleash a Blast Shot that pushes mutants away (deals no damage), which is useful to repel chasing mutants.


  • CF China


  • Eagle Eye: Crosshair always display even when unscoped (MM & variants).
  • +2 additional rounds for all equipped Sniper Rifles.
  • Mutant Blast: Press 1 when the charging bar is full in MM and variants to fire a Blast Shot that pushes mutants away.
  • Earn Achievements faster.
  • Refills ammo when scoring Headshot.
  • +200% EXP (owner).
  • +30% EXP (everyone).
  • +20% GP (everyone).


  • During beta test, this gun was supposed to feature a permanent crosshair in both PvP and Mutation Mode, and there was a Shotgun Blast feature that shoots a normal shotgun shell that deals damage against mutants instead. The leftover killmark also traces back to this as the old Shotgun Blast can kill mutants.
  • This is the first VVIP weapon to be based on another VVIP, which in this case is Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark.



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