Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark Noble Gold is a Noble Gold sniper rifle variant of Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark.


It features the same model and animations of the Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark, but it has a full gold and silver steel texture on its body. The strange thing is this variant shares the same scope texture with its VVIP counterpart, not "noble-painted scope".

The weapon itself has no VVIP perks but still has the exact same stats of its VVIP counterpart and retains its Laser Pointer perk.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Russia
  • CF West
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Español


  • This gun is mistakenly named as M82A1-Iron Beast Noble Gold in CF Japan.
  • Unlike its VVIP variant, the Laser Pointer perk CAN'T be turned off in the storage. And strangely, this weapon still use the reloading sound from its VVIP counterpart despite the fact that there is no visual effect around the weapon by default.
  • This weapon was released in CF Vietnam as event prize in February 2018 update, before officially updated in Black Market 2 months later. This also happened with AK47-Knife Transformers Noble Gold.
  • In CF Vietnam, this weapon was available for free in a December 2018 event. If players spin Xmas crates and win weapons which they have already had in the inventory, it will automatically changed to the Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark Noble Gold.
  • In CF West, this weapon incorrectly uses the scope texture of Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark Prime.



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