Barrett M82A1-Halloween is a sniper rifle variant of Barrett M82A1 released for the celebration of Halloween 2017 in CrossFire.


This sniper is decorated with a Halloween-ish paint job, featuring pumpkin, little ghosts and skull decals. The colors have a mix of slime green, dark violet and orange splash. It also features a new dynamic ghost effect on its body and a ghost-like sound effect when reloading.


Available in all CF versions


  • This weapon, alongside with 9A-91-Halloween, are the first weapons that have both texture and sound reloading effects as previously, only either one are used.
  • If you look closely at the HUD of this weapon, you'll find the words "Fine Gold 999.9" on the gun, which is from Barrett M82A1-Ultimate Gold. The reason is likely because the developers recolor that gun and forgot to remove the words on it.
    • Interestingly, the Ultimate Gold variant haven't been released yet in CF China but it got used to create the Halloween one, similar to Mauser M1896-UGS's case (which is a reskinned of the USS variant but the UGS got released first in China before the USS arrived).


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