Balloon Hammer (AKA Inflatable Hammer) is a melee variant of the previously Vietnamese exclusive melee, which is the Wood Hammer


  • CF China
  • CF Korea
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF West


Balloon Hammer shares the same mallet design with Wood Hammer but it has a red handle with baby blue mallet with CF logo painted on it. Comparing to the original variant, this one has vast improved stats, both faster attack and draw speed, but still retains weak power. Due to material difference, the Balloon hammer utlilizes different sound effect, which produce more of a "toyish" feeling rather than using real weapon. Balloon Hammer is best used to "troll" your opponents because there's nothing more embarrassing than to be killed by a toy device.



  • Strangely enough, the Balloon Hammer has no unique killmark, but instead shared with Wooden Hammer. This is likely because Wooden Hammer is not available outside CF Vietnam, so the Balloon Hammer is the only weapon to take this shape, hence there's no need to make its own killmark and people can still tell the weapon used against them with this killmark.
    • However, in CF Vietnam, since Balloon Hammer and Wooden Hammer are both available in this version and they share same killmark, players will confused because the killmark is same, so they can't telling that the person are using Wooden Hammer or Balloon Hammer unless the player facing that person.  
  • In CF Vietnam, Balloon Hammer's stat was changed, allowing it to score 1-hit kill with secondary attack. Prior to this weapon's release, numerous people suspected that VTC is doing a false advertising by showing Balloon Hammer's stat as 100% power, but by the time it was released, the stat was actually changed to accommodate to it.
    • This makes Balloon Hammer the first and only weapon to receive a stat buff rather than nerfing in CF Vietnam.



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