BOPE is the special unit of the Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. BOPE was created to deal with high-intensity conflicts in Rio's favelas. Many try to be part of the BOPE, but only those with physical training and a strong mind can finish the grueling training. Everyone else asks to leave. BOPE cooperates with Global Risk, ensuring a better future for Brazil and for the world.
- in-game description

BOPE (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais, which translates to Police Special Operations Battalion) is the first Brazilian character featured in CrossFire.


This character is based on the Brazilian special police force. Both character share the same model and they both wear a grey beret with the BOPE icons on it. The BL character wears a desert camo military suit with rolled-up sleeves plus a body armor, while the GR character is dressed in full black police outfit and his armor contains holders for Rifle Magazines. He is also a unique character as it includes Portuguese voices for both Global Risk and Black List sides.


Formed in 1978, the Special Police Operations Battalion is one of the special police units of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State. BOPE shares similar roles as SWAT but has other significant roles such as suppressing extensive favela crimes, taking down highly armed criminals, and exterminating drug trafficking factions around Rio de Janeiro.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.

Version Differences

  • CF China: Elite Troop's skill is Immunity to self/teammates' grenades.
  • CF Philippines: this character can hold up to 3 skills and can be changed in the Character Upgrade System.


  • All CF versions have kept the original killstreaks and radio voices for this character, which is in Portuguese. This made BOPE the very first normal character to received unique voices in all CF versions.
  • BOPE radio message (X-5 or "Vanguard Standby") says "Ahh nem vem, não vou emprestar VIP" which means "Don't even try. I won't let you borrow my VIP".
  • CF Korea has BOPE's sound pack in the game file (which is named "bope"), but it can't be opened or used, although BOPE was never released in this version.

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