Developed by Magnum Research, the Big Frame Revolver (BFR for short) utilizes 12.7 rounds for its impressively destructive capabilities. However, this high caliber also makes the weapon very difficult to control due to its high recoil.
- Weapon Description

BFR is a revolver in CrossFire.


BFR (Big Frame Revolver or Biggest Finest Revolver) is another single-action revolver, behaving similar to Ruger Bisley and Colt SAA. It features a long cylinder and a stainless steel body and synthetic handle. This gun holds 5 rounds in its cylinder, same as the Raging Bull.

It deals very high damage dealing per shot: capable of 2 hit chest kills against armored opponents at any range, while close to medium range chest shots against unarmored enemies need only 1 shot. Arms and legs need 2-3 shots for a kill.

Since it uses a loading gate like the other single actions, each bullet must be loaded one by one, while reload canceling can be also done. It has the same reload speed with the Colt SAA, fires as fast as Raging Bull, and features an unique draw animation; with the character spinning the revolver then cocking it.


  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF West
  • CF Korea
  • CF Russia
  • CF Indonesia


  • In CF Vietnam, BFR has a glitch that allow fast reload from an empty cylinder - players just need to insert 1 bullet into the cylinder, then quick-switch to their Melee and switch back and the weapon will be fully reloaded. This works best with Kukri Beast, as it allows faster draw speed.
    • After 1179 patch was released, this glitch turns into something more dangerous for players, as the bullets needed to fill the cylinder disappears instead of being loaded (Example, reloading at 1/18 with one round in results in 2/13). This happens when the player isn't equip VVIP weapons that have ammo refill perk, if the player already equips its, this glitch won't trigger, instead, it trigger the first glitch. Nowaday this glitch is fixed.
    • Serbu Super-Shorty and Colt S.A.A also have this glitch too, but already fixed.
  • In real life, collectors and large-caliber enthusiasts have been known to interpret the BFR's initials as "Big Fucking Revolver", due to its sheer size and power.
  • The reason for the BFR's long cylinder is because most BFR revolvers are chambered for many types of rifle calibers like the .45-70 Government. CF's BFR uses the custom .50 Beowulf rifle caliber.
  • Since the BFR chambers .50 Beowulf, it should inflict a consistent one shot kill at any part of the body in-game, considering the real life .50 Beowulf is known as a big game hunting caliber. But for balance purposes the two shot kill is justified.
  • In game, this gun model uses a long cylinder version which fed with .50 Beowulf.
  • In real life, this gun can be chambered numerous pistol cartridge (including .50 AE, .454 Casull etc.) which has a separate model with long and short cylinder.


CrossFire - BFR - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - BFR - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam BFR ☆

CrossFire Vietnam BFR ☆

CrossFire Vietnam 2

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0- BFR ☆

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