BC-Axe Decal Celebrate is a tournament variant of BC-Axe featured in CrossFire.


BC-Axe Decal Celebrate is a BC-Axe with CFS Team's logo on it and has the standard statistics of the original BC-Axe.


  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Espanol

Version Difference

Each CrossFire version will have each logo based on CFS Team. For more infomation of team and logo, please check via this link: CrossFire Stars.



Cross Fire Japan -- B

Cross Fire Japan -- B.C Axe-iNsanes (Decal Celebrate)!

Teamw0w weapons showcase

Teamw0w weapons showcase. (AK-47, DEAGLE, AXE)-1

CrossFire Philippines 2.0 - B

CrossFire Philippines 2.0 - B.C Axe-Wara (Decal Celebrate) ☆

Cross Fire Español -- B

Cross Fire Español -- B.C Axe-KOWAI (Decal Celebrate) !

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