BC-Axe Ares is a melee variant of Black Carbon Axe.


It is one of the Ares variant weapons in CrossFire. It features a red-black color combination in its body. It also has faster drawing speed like the Legend Dragon variant.


  • High damage dealing.
  • Moderate slashing rate.
  • Fast drawing speed (same with BC-Axe Legend Dragon and slower than BC-Axe Beast).
  • Slightly lighter than other Axes.


  • Still heavyweight than some melee weapons.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West
  • CF Korea
  • CF Japan
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Russia


  • While this weapon is bundled as junkie prize inside Ares crates in most CF version - CF Korea, CF Vietnam and CF West (also count the terminated CF Europe) are the only servers where players can obtain this weapon permanently.
    • In CF West, the winners of the Ghost Mode Tournament, MoTG 2016, received this weapon permanently.
  • In CF Vietnam, this weapon can only be obtained as junkie prize though Ares crates for 7 days, meaning no one can own it permanently. However, after an update, this weapon can be obtained though Mileage Shop permanently for 8000 MP, which is very cheap and free for everyone, as a result, a large number of players using this weapon after the update.
    • Before the update, VTC advertising that this weapon can only be obtained temporary for 7 days because they trusted one display error in item-checking tool.
    • After the August 2018 update, it has been replaced by Thunderbolt Hammer-Noble Silver with the same price.



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