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Aztec is a Search & Destroy map set in a large aztec temple where immense treasures lie beneath ancient structures.


  • CF China: Gold State
  • CF Taiwan: Gold State
  • Not available elsewhere.


This map is a remake of Counter Strike's De_Aztec map, keeping most of the same layout and theme. Due to this, it's exclusive to CrossFire China and Taiwan. Any other versions would be extremely lucky if they were to receive this map, or any other remakes for that matter.

Global Risk spawns to the south in a large area with a couple of stacked crates. A-Site takes a few seconds to reach by going through two indoor areas with double doors, and B-Site is located to their left.

Black List spawns north with two options, but both lead to the same spot. Front leads to an area close to the center, right leads to an underground sewer tunnel, but after a short walk, you're right next to the same area.

The center is where most battles take place. Black List will attempt to take control of the bridge to rush B-Site or rush A-Site by the middle or the sewer area. As it's a large map, snipers may dominate this map most of time.



Chinese CrossFire - Golden State De Aztec

Chinese CrossFire - Golden State De Aztec

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